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Dried orange peel effect and its benefits to your health

Dried orange peel effect and its benefits to your healthChen skin with gas down, adjust the appetizer, dampness phlegm of the power. Indications Spleen and Qi stagnation wet resistance, chest diaphragm full boring, abdominal distension pain, do not think of eating, vomiting, dirty, two adverse, lung block, cough, phlegm, also cure milk carbuncle from the beginning. After years of research, it is known that dried orange peel has many pharmacological effects.

1, the effect of dried orange peel on the digestive system: dried orange peel contains volatile oil, the gastrointestinal tract has a mild stimulating effect, can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate intestinal gas accumulation, showing the aroma of the stomach and the effect of the wind under the wind.

2, dried orange peel on the role of the cardiovascular system: Chen decoction, alcohol extract can stimulate the myocardium, but the dose is too large to appear to suppress. In addition, it can also produce mild contraction of blood vessels, rapid increase in blood pressure. Citrus pectinol in the high fat diet caused by atherosclerosis also have a certain preventive effect.

3, the effect of dried orange peel on the respiratory system: dried orange peel contains volatile oil stimulated passive expectorant effect, so that sputum easy to spit out. Cream decoction on the bronchial has a weak expansion. The alcohol extract has higher asthma.

4, dried orange peel on the role of the genitourinary system: Chen decoction can make renal vasoconstriction, so that reduced urine output.

5, dried orange peel anti-inflammatory effect: Chen decoction and vitamin C, vitamin K and use, can enhance the anti-inflammatory effect.

Related compatibility

1, dried orange peel and Atractylodes, Magnolia equivalent, for the coke cold wet spleen and stomach stagnation who, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

2, dried orange peel and hawthorn, Divine Comedy equivalent, for food product qi stagnation, abdominal distension pain.

3, dried orange peel and citrus aurantium, ginger equivalent use, for chest tightness in the chest shortness of breath.