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High Purity Diosmetin Powder Lemon Peel Extract 98% Diosmetin


Product Name: Diosmetin

Botanical Source: Citrus aurantium L

Specs: 98% by HPLC

Plant part used: Peel

Appearance: Yellow powder

Particle Size: 98% pass 80mesh

Melting Point: 256-258℃

Lemon extract diosmetin powder is a limonoid, and a bitter, white, crystalline substance found in citrus and other plants. It is also known as limonoate D-ring-lactone and limonoic acid di-delta-lactone. Chemically, it is a member of the class of compounds known as furanolactones.


1. Diosmetin has the function antioxidant, anti-infection, shock, etc
2. Diosmetin can be used as food, cosmetics and future drug.
3. Diosmetin has the anti-mutagenesis and the anti-allergy characteristic.
4. Pelargonium wood known antioxidant, anti-infective, anti-shock efficacy of functional food, cosmetic and future drugs. Inhibition of CYP1A enzyme activity of a natural flavonoids. Pelargonium lignin also has anti-mutagenic and anti-allergic properties.


Diosmetin used as functional food, cosmetics and future drug with the function of anti-oxidation, anti-infection and anti-shock.



Product Name Specification Product Name Specification
Kaempferol 98% Ursolic acid 98%
Chrysin 98% Resveratrol 98%
Hesperetin 98% Hesperidin 98%
Synephrine Hcl 98% Isoquercitrin 93%
Betulin 98% Phloretin 98%
Lycopene 98% Luteolin 98%
Genistein 98% Gossypol-acetic Acid 98%
Sesamin 98% Oleanolic acid 98%
Astragaloside IV 98% Apigenin 98%
Matrine 98% Ecdysone 95%
Rutin 98% Oridonin 98%
Shikimic acid 98% Salicin 98%
Paeoniflorin 98% Arbutin 99%
Osthole 98% Mangiferin 98%
Stachyose 98% Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone 98%
Diosmetin 98% Andrographolide 98%
Quercetin 98% Tetrahydropalmatine 98%
Neohesperidin 98% Sinomenine HCL 98%
Curcumin 95% Yohimbine 98%
Berberine hydrochloride 97% Naringin Dihydrochalcone 98%
Naringin 98% Naringenin 98%